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Headless Raspberry Pi Configuration

How to configure Debian/arm using Ubuntu/intel Configuring a Raspberry Pi for headless operation without having to connect a keyboard and a screen, involves the following step Download the latest Raspbian image copy the Raspbian image to sdcard setup Wifi change … Continue reading

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Stress testing 5.3Mbit/sec serial debug-stream from Arduino

I got the idea for Debugging @ 5.3Mbit/sec (5333333 Baud) on Arduino and other Embedded systems  which basicly let embedded CPU transmit as fast as possible and let the rest of the world adjust to whatever speed that happened to be.  … Continue reading

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Debugging @ 5.3Mbit/sec (5333333 Baud) on Arduino and other Embedded systems

When debugging embedded system the long tried method has been to generously distribute printf() statements through your code, once everything is working as expected, you then have to comment them out or remove them. Over the years I have perfected … Continue reading

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