Server Power supply DPS-1200FB

Among hackers the DPS-1200FB seem to be the most popular choice for a powerfull Server PowerSupply 12volt 100Amp for less than $20 delivered.

There is a lot of information available for this PSU.  So if you want to really get into controlling and monitoring the power-supply you should probably go for this one.  I have collected these links to projects and information about the DPS-1200-FB.

There is an i2c bus connection on these Server PSU used for PMBus, or som proprarity version of it, so lets see what that is all about

These powersupplies does NOT have a 80-plus-gold sticker, so they might be a little less efficient than the DPS-750TB that I normally use, or maybe HP just didn’t want to pay the extra cent to get the sticker – I might do power comparison some time in the future.










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